Make a beeline to our farmers markets this week to pick up fresh apples, hard cider, soft cider and apple pie. Can we convince our ice pop makers to make apple flavors for the last of the summery weather? We’ll try! Here’s what you will find in our markets now:
Mead Orchards : Honeycrisp, Snap Dragon, Cortland, Gala, Shizuka, McIntosh
Do Re Me Farms : Johnny Mac, Gala, Golden Supreme
Wrights Farm : Mac, Gala, Honeycrisp
Hard ciders available from Awestruck Ciders & Descendant Cider Co. Look for pies from many (most?) of our bakers and there might even be some candy apples available from La Petite OccasionMigliorelli Farm and The Orchards of Concklin have apples too but were too busy picking to tell us what kinds so stop by their stands to ask! #eatinseasonMom & Icepops Go-Go Pops